Every customer facing role, especially sales and relationship management positions have hidden demons.

You know the half dozen duties you despise and put off until they’re over-due, or the 2 or 3 customers you haven’t called back with bad news, or simply knowing you’re short come end of month.

To me these weights felt like punches to the stomach as I entered my workplace;

PUNCH! I must call that client to get the paperwork back,

PUNCH! My pipeline isn’t complete on time,

PUNCH! The boss is surely going to hassle me about sales today,

PUNCH! If I were on target the team would be more motivated,

PUNCH! Ignore the phone in case it’s more issues,

and so on…
The spiral continues and will follow you to any role, employer, industry and level you attempt.
Unless you do something about it;

  • hat if, handing out bad news didn’t worry you?
  • What if, you could confidently so NO to customer?
  • And what if, targets, bosses, paperwork, and cold calls were fun?

Gary can facilitate this transformation.

Training in the morning with Gary before work makes you feel INVINCIBLE.

no phone call can upset you,
no paperwork is too hard,
no boss is intimidating,
no target is out of reach,

Simply because you have already accomplished so much earlier that day none of the usual draining tasks are even a concern.

It really is like Gary can somehow empower you, or should I say, release your inner ability to empower yourself and allow you to take full advantage of your self motivation, self strength, and hold your head up high.

Thank you Gary.

Tim Chopping, ACT Manager & National Strategic Team Chairman, LexisNexis

I have been training (riding and running) with Gary for just over a year. In that time, I have achieved more physically than I ever could have alone or with a lesser individual than Gary.
As an athlete, Gary is inspirational and leads by example. He constantly challenges the limits that I impose upon myself. I have learned to question the obstructions I place in my way and as a result achieve more that I ever believed possible.
I have greatly appreciated his pragmatic approach, that doesn’t force, but challenges me to apply myself fully in the moment, and enjoy the benefits of improved performance. He has allowed me to find within myself the motivation and application to push myself and improve.
Gary seems to intuitively understand what individuals need and will tailor the training regime to suit, being sensitive to legitimate issues but seeing through excuses.
However, the greatest benefit to me is that I have adopted the lessons of setting goals, discipline, a positive attitude and persistence to other facets of my life, which as a result, have improved immensely.
I highly recommend Gary to anyone who wants to improve their physical well being, at whatever level of fitness they may be, and believe that the benefits will be shared in other areas of their life.

Philip Hutchinson, Intraday Stock Trader

To whom it may Concern,

I am a busy business women in a stressful profession, and I do consider myself to be intelligent but at the same time I can’t believe how much of a slow learner I could be, let me tell you why !
Part of my growth in my business has been to attend as many relevant training courses that I can through out the year always looking for ways to better myself and my business. I spend a great deal of money each year on this development and when I return home I have usually have a list of both business and personal things to do.
Well here is a blinding flash of the obvious, guess what my 3 things on my list where almost every time I came home.

  • To get fit
  • To eat better
  • To drink more water

And why were they top of my list?
Because everyone who was successful had the same message- to be fit and healthy would not only increase the quality of your life not only for yourself and your family but on a business level would give you more energy, focus and productivity.
So the 1st thing I would do would be to get consumed into the day to day running of my business , I would eat better for a short time and then revert back to my old habits, which I am ashamed to say consisted of a poor diet on the run, consistent missed meals and little or no exercise.

Then came Gary…..
Gary to me is my life saver in probably more ways than one. He has been wonderful for me both on a business and personal level. Gary is so talented personally but also has a natural ability to help others namely me cut through the excuses and develop a ‘can do attitude’, he was able to tailor an exercise program that fit my work schedule and explain so much to me about food and exercise and WHY we were doing what we were doing.
The biggest thing for me has been an accountability system we have in place where I communicate by e-mail to Gary every day what I do and he can then monitor and adjust what I do.
I now have the incentive to workout everyday, as I have this commitment to Gary and I won’t let myself or him down. The interesting thing is that now I have developed a good habit of both exercise and diet that I am now used to and enjoying. For the 1st time I think in my entire life looking forward to my new program and excited about the level of fitness I can and will achieve in the future. ( I never thought I would ever say that ).
The results for me to date have been exactly what I had heard so many successful people discuss- it’s true, you do feel better, have more energy, focus and productivity. ( and I just feel better in every aspect of my life )
I owe it all to one person Gary Odewahn because he has been the only person who has listened and wanted to help and give genuine knowledgeable advise and encouragement.
If you are reading this then you may be thinking of using Gary as your Personal Coach, and my advise would be -don’t think about it JUST DO IT. I only wish I had met Gary earlier and like anything in life you get what you pay for so if you value yourself, your fitness and wellbeing then don’t wait Gary can and will change you life.

Karen White

Karen White, Senior Marketing Consultant, L. J. Hooker Tuggeranong

I have been involved in the sales business for near on 2 decades and invested a lot of time and money over those years both here in Australia and in other parts of this globe. I’ve focused on human potential and how one can achieve something when another has not been able to. I have read about and associated with many inspiring and driven achievers in the areas of sales, leadership and in philanthropy! 

Gary is a shining light!

For he is a young entrepreneur who is highly intelligent, intuitive and extremely focused. As you may or may not know he has been training as an elite swimmer for most of his life and his discipline, focus and attitude of “anything is possible” has infiltrated him through all areas of his life and onto those who associate with him.

Although I feel I have similar qualities in business and other areas of my life, when it comes to fitness and training this is an area that has a always challenged me more than most things. I have found Gary’s coaching methods invaluable and through this and his support I have managed to be involved in such activities as cycling from Sydney to Canberra, right now we are in training for a half marathon! I know this may not seem like any huge feat, I can assure you for a 40yr old long time smoker (non smoker now) and someone who has never been athletic; this has been a huge achievement much of which would not have been possible without the drive, vision encouragement and support from Gary.

If at any time you have the opportunity to have Gary involved in your business or personal coaching I have no doubt you will only be more than delighted at the outcomes!

Happy achieving!

Mario Sanfrancesco, Principal & Auctioneer, L. J. Hooker Tuggeranong